Legal Notice

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1. Identification

  • Registered office : CTRA. CM 3102 SOCUELLAMOS 13630 CIUDAD REAL - SPAIN
  • CIF : B13463906
  • Phone and Fax : 91 356 27 46 and Fax: 91 630 41 62
  • E-mail :


2. Object

With this legal notice put at your disposal all the information on what rights, obligations and responsibilities of our company and the users accessing our website and our services.

The service we provide is made available through the Web site - as well as other self-dependent sites of products and services that we offer such as wine sales, and any other service incorporating go through the main web company and the nature of each service.

All users who access our Web site, are agree to expressly and unequivocally this legal notice and privacy policy of the company, as well as different modifications and / or additional legal texts that could be developed and included in the future.

For the purposes of the interpretation of these conditions, we understand that a person is a user of our services simply access and use of our Web site, without requiring to be registered as such.

We reserve the right to amend this notice and any other legal text of the Web site so we recommend that you periodically check it.

3. Intellectual Property

In Finca el Refugio, S.L. we are deeply committed to protecting and defending the rights of intellectual property of our users, employees and partners. Therefore, we inform you that:

  • Under no circumstances may mean that we give users any right to exploit our brands, trade names, logos and technologies used in our websites.
  • All files that depend directly on us and we put at your disposal are original and appropriate national legislation in force, being properly protected by intellectual property rights and, where appropriate, industrial.
  • All content that we put at your disposal on the site have been prepared by us or if assigned by a license for reproduction, public communication and distribution through our website and/or tools that are made available through it, it is also fully protected by intellectual property rights.
  • All third party logos that appear on our website have been included with the prior consent of their owners.
  • For safety reasons, not allowed to use frames or altering devices or vary the design, original form or content of the website.

If any items were detected contrary to the rules, or may be deemed harmful to users, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible so we can remove it.

4. Responsabilities

At Finca el Refugio, S.L. establishes as a priority that the service we put at your disposal to work properly and according to the highest principles of quality and safety.

However, since this is a completely automated service, may be subject to special circumstances that prevent proper functioning. In this case, we undertake to repair the service in the shortest time possible.

Similarly, we are not liable for any damages caused could reach in the following cases:

  • In the event that is published on our platform false or misleading information which had been published by third parties without our express permission.
  • If the support is not operational for technical reasons attributable to third parties or unforeseeable causes beyond its control.
  • If the user uses the Web site or platform to enter data, viruses, and/or malicious code and cause damage to other systems users, suppliers, partners or any third party shall be responsible user who performed the action.
  • If any of the advertising content on the Web provided by affiliate advertising platforms were controversial or to harm the morale of the users, claims or complaints should be directed against them.

5. Dispute Resolution

If there is any kind of controversy arising from the use of the website and service provided through it, shall apply in any case the Spanish legislation and will be resolved by the Courts of Madrid (Madrid, Spain), renouncing any other forum that might be responsible.

To communicate any claim and/or query, do not hesitate to contact us at the following email