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The proper temperature to serve a red wine is said to be the environment, but the ideal is between 16 and 20 degrees. If the wine is too cold you will not appreciate the aroma and if it is very hot, is not so pleasant in the mouth.


Do not store the wine at high temperatures (better less than 20 ? C), find a cool and humid. We recommend the use of refrigerated cabinets, with different temperatures for each type of wine.

Bottles must be always laid on a surface or reversed so that the cork is wet, a fact which maintains it swollen doing pressure on the walls of the neck and preventing the air, which is the greatest enemy just by altering the wine.

Bottles must be in the dark or at most in half-light since light (both sunlight and artificial light) produces changes in the colour, taste and bouquet of wine because they react (with protides, acids, sugars and tannins = taste).

The room must have no strong smell, no matter which smell is, as it filters through the cork and it is transmitted to wine. Therefore, nothing of perfumes, deodorants, camphor, and food, strong cheese, vinegar and so on.